“We hired Marisa to lead some yoga and meditation sessions for the PTTOW Summit 2018 Ambassadorship Program. She led us through a wonderfully relaxing meditation. Her voice soothingly took us away from our stresses and work anxiety. She leads with grace and patience and her vibrant, positive energy is infectious. I would definitely recommend her guided meditations to anyone! They are a game changer for the stressed mind.” – Marylynn Pollard

“Ever since I have known Marisa she has been the quintessential lifestyle and health guru you would expect from a yoga teacher in Los Angeles. When I knew her in Texas when she was already leaps and bounds ahead in her thinking and yoga practice. I would recommend Marisa to anyone seeking a private yoga instructor, she has been great to me, helping me overcome many physical and mental barriers I didn’t even know were there. Thanks!“ Chloe Garver

I can always count on Marisa’s guidance and teachings to take me away from the stresses of my daily life. The physical and mental benefits I’ve gained from it are a true blessing. She always shows up with a positive energy and vibe. I would recommend her to anyone! – Alex Madison

“Marisa is an extremely knowledgeable teacher and is very thorough in her teaching methods. I am new to yoga and she made sure to help me into each pose with the correct posture. She made me feel very comfortable and relaxed. I absolutely loved our private lessons together and I hope to continue to benefit from her knowledge as I keep growing in my practice. I would recommend her to any of my friends, either well seasoned in yoga practice or beginners. ”  Julia Goodgion

“Marisa has been around yoga since she was 6 years old.  She has yoga in her blood and has had her own personal practice for several years in LA, receiving her yoga certification in India.  She is an intelligent, thoughtful, gentle soul who dedicates her life to mindfulness, positive thinking, universal thought, and healthy living while incorporating these beliefs into her yoga practice.  A vegetarian for over 5 years, she is a genuinely gifted life long yogi.  Namaste.” – Venise Evans