🎻 Why Arcade Fire Performed a Solo Concert for Me at MODO Yoga East 😁

     How on Earth did I get to do yoga during a private performance from Arcade Fire? On top of this they were playing new material before the release from their Everything Now album! ♥ Read on to find out 🙂

    This sounds a bit crazy, but actually is 100% accurate. I got to practice my yoga flow for about 15 minutes all by my lonesome as Arcade Fire played their new album ‘Everything Now’ in a beautifully decorated studio complete with Indian throws, Moroccan Pillows, and plenty of Persian rugs to cuddle up on. Now how in the hell of Gods name did this happen? Under what circumstances and in which universe is this even possible?? Let me tell you that this stroke of fate came about from a mistake (of course I was not suppose to be in there, I’m not THAT special) which at first I was devastated by, then turned into the fodder for quite an extraordinary story. So here’s how it goes…
    Last year I was attending MODO Yoga (Moksha Yoga if you’re in Canada) at a new studio they opened on the East Side of Los Angeles in Echo Park. I was participating in the energy exchange program where you trade a 4-hour cleaning shift per week in exchange for free yoga at any MODO location. This was great for me as working as a cocktail waitress at a club and making art was not conducive to paying for a monthly membership just about anywhere. This was a godsend and during my time there I loved the new clean studio, helping to keep the vibes high, and doing all the yoga I wanted!!
    Some months after we had been open there was set to be a Grand Opening with music, food, and a yoga class taught alongside a live performance from Arcade Fire. I was stoked!! – Before I get into the details of the night let me side bar to tell you that Sarah Neufeld the violinist of Arcade Fire is a teacher at MODO Yoga in New York and also learned and practiced in the Canadian locations as well. So the owners of MODO and Arcade Fire are old friends you could say. Miraculous enough that they were willing to be apart of the opening and play for the class! I guess music and yoga do go hand in hand though 🙂

    So my schedule was set, take the class 6-7pm, then help out with the party until about 9pm… OR SO I THOUGHT!!!! I show up to the class at 6pm just on time with my yoga clothes on, mat in hand, and water bottle being filled when Sarah one of the instructors at MODO filled me in that the class was actually 5-6pm…….. I was heartbroken! Although, I am not a huge follower of Arcade Fire’s music I was still so stoked to hear such a talented band play live and have the chance to do yoga alongside them. It was over and done and I had missed it 😕 or so I thought…
    Shortly after that I was in the back folding some mat towels and doing laundry with a couple of the other volunteers. Not only was I upset I had missed the performance but also I was really looking forward to the yoga class, stretching, and needed a bit of a mental lift. After a few minutes the room had cleared out and blankets and beautiful decorations of every color were put out. Feeling a little cloudy I told the girls that I just wanted to do about 10 minutes of yoga in one off the rooms just to reset, then I would be back to help them.
    The door was closed and a ‘do not enter’ sign was on but since I was so use to walking in and out of the studios regardless of the signs when I was working I only paid a passing glance of attention to it. I walked in the room and a band of a few people was setting up, I thought maybe it was a different band set to perform later and that I guess I was just the first person in the room.
    So I lay down into childs pose and start stretching, going through a light vinyasa flow and doing some meditative postures. I was the only one in the room as this band started to play a few songs, then a girl cello player came in to join the mix. I honestly did not even realize it was Arcade Fire until the girl walked in to join the band and gave me a peculiar look and almost laughed. Thats when I realized, oh shit, this is Arcade Fire and they are warming up right now to play another set!!! ∴

    After I realized this, I figured I might as well embrace the opportunity as they didn’t seem to mind my presence. I did probably some of the best and most extended side plank poses I have ever done. Balancing on one arm kicking my foot other high into the air and engaging my hips I seemed to go higher than ever before! It was almost a transcendent feeling as the music seemed to lift not only my body higher, but my soul as well.
    A few minutes later I politely left the room after probably 5-7 songs had passed and became joyfully aware of why I had missed that first class. Shortly after people started to file into the room and take seats in groups on the rugs and floor pillows, the room filled up with 50+ people before the music started. They played some songs off their new album, Sarah gave us a solo rendition of some BEAUTIFUL music, and we did group prayer and meditation together. Talk about a night to remember!!
Xoxo, Marisa N. Moonbeamz ♥

p.s. MODO Yoga is the shizzzz I would highly recommend!!!


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 2.01.02 PM

Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 2.01.14 PM


Screen Shot 2018-09-04 at 2.00.31 PM


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