Why Yoga is Pretty Much just Squeezing your Vagina ðŸ§˜ðŸ¼â€â™€ï¸ðŸ™€âœ¨

Why being lit or enlightened is literally just squeezing your lady parts, owning your being, finding your center and feeling your power build up as it is locked – not escaping through your root down into the ground but bouncing up off your pelvic floor and shining into heaven.

This happens when you ‘lock’ the root chakra, aka doing something reminiscent of a kegel but deeper and more centered. You’re in warrior two bending deep into the front leg. Engaging this ‘pull’ up through your pelvic floor into the stomach stabilizes the waist and core. As you hold this position past it’s threshold focusing on sucking up and in, this takes weight out of the legs, and combines your energy condensing it into one single point. God is a woman…

(technically men can do this too as we are actually lifting the ‘perenium’ area betweeen the genitals and the anus) – not to leave anyone out!!


I never understood bandhas until I recently experienced the energy saving powers after tapping into this tool during a particular difficult yoga barre class. I have been hearing about them ever since I took my yoga teacher training in India and a little bit before that from teachers. The way that some people talk about this subject with such ferver and how it is written sacredly about in books leaves me to believe this is a deep subject only to be fully appreciated through experiential understanding.

I was in class a few days ago when I really felt myself become still and tune into that space. When I locked this lower ‘bandha’ the root chakra, all of my power literally felt trapped and locked inside my body!! With this contraction my gaze became more still as my awareness became single pointed instead of shattered. The pose seemed to become weightless and timeless almost foregetting the teacher was about to say, now cartwheel the hands down – come out.

Before when I was reaching my wits end I would grit and bear it, heavily modify the position or give up all together. After discovering this trick of sucking up and flexing the pelvic floor I found this creates a suction which makes lifting and lengthening the core come more easily and naturally. That is where the real power lies!!!! During this heightened state of awareness and openness, ask yourself “can I take this pose deeper? Will I collapse? Who cares if I do?”

After this, whenever I have tried to stay longer or go deeper in a pose it has been easier to find a way to sustain and the rest of the pose carries on with relative ease! It’s like the limit in my mind was creating the pain and doubt, but really I was more than strong enough the entire time. I just had to take hold of my power and use all of the tools at hand. SQUEEZE, LOCK, SUCCEED! Namaste 🙂


xoxo, Marisa N. Moonbeamz ♥

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