Blue-Green Algae from Upper Klamath Lake Oregon

So I just bought a bottle of Elixir of the Lake from VitalForce Superfoods. You can check out my other post from this company about their Vitamineral Green mix!! I’m not even sponsored I just loved that product so much that I wanted to start exploring their other products. This one especially caught my eye after learning about DHA and our deficiencies in this, and how this can lead to all sorts of lack luster symptoms. You can learn more about this in my scientific explanation on DHA and my review of a DHA supplement from While this algae contains only trace amounts of DHA and EHA they seem to both be well rounded superfoods we can’t get enough of.
So about this Blue-Green Algae (Aphanizomenon flos-aquae), which literally means “invisible living flower of water” in Greek:
This algae is grown exclusively in Upper Klamath Lake, Oregon and is FULL of vitamins. Other types of algae that fall into this category and are more commonly known include Spirulina and Chlorella. Any of these varieties are super foods which contain dense doses of amino acids, b-vitamins, vitamins A, C, E, and about 60 more minerals + vitamins + other goof stuff!
Algae has many benefits, almost too many to list so I am only going to really talk about a few that caught my eye and I’ve been eager to research lately.
  1. Vitamins  B6, B9, B12: 
B6: This B vitamin is responsible for normal brain development in fetus and infant, keeps the immune system working at top speed and makes sure the central nervous system is running smoothly.
B9: (Folate) This B vitamin is of utmost importance as it is a mood regulator. Decreased levels of B9 have been linked to an increase in rates of depression.
B12: This B helps to create red blood cells and maintain the stability of DNA – preventing mutations of genetic code which can lead to illness and cancers.
While these variations of B Vitamin play different roles and provide unique functions, they all work together where their uses overlap and amplify the expressed potential of one another .
  1. Magnesium:  I take it often at night to calm down and relax my nervous system but I had no idea of ALL the amazing benefits it offers!
  • It is the 4th most abundant mineral in our body!
  • This means that every cell in the human body needs it to function properly, this is because magnesium is a “helper molecule” and aids in biochemical reactions carried out by enzymes
  • Performs functions such as: energy creation, gene maintenance, muscle / nervous system regulation, and protein formation. This can all lead to a boost in exercise performance!
  • Known to be anti-inflammatory, lower blood pressure, lessen PMS symptoms and improve blood sugar levels in elevated individuals.
  1. Super Antioxidant Activity: Blue-Green Algae is known to be a powerful antioxidant.
   Antioxidants are the molecules who’s job it is to scoop up all of the “free-radicals” or cell damaging particles. We ingest free-radicals from the sun, toxins in the air and environment, smoking, eating acid forming foods, and even our thoughts.
    We can think of a free-radicals as being the catalyst for the chemical reaction when a nail turns to rust (oxidation). The free radical (toxin) creates a reaction, and the by-product is this growing chunky and ragged piece of rust. The accumulated rust is equivalent to cancer and tumors in our body. Lumps are where our bodies decide to store this dead tissue so it does not run rampant in our blood stream, going straight to our brain, and decaying us quicker.
    This reaction though, can be stopped and even reversed with an ample presence of antioxidants as they neutralize the free radicals rendering them harmless. This is the same process that occurs in plants to protect them from the effects of being exposed to the sun directly their entire life. That’s why plants produce antioxidants naturally! The ingestion of these antioxidants can slow the process of aging and even increase the amount of longevity in the body.
    Although supplements such as algae are great and should be taken daily, it is important to remember that the most effective way to ensure the maximum amount of antioxidants in your body is through a colorful diet. Eating your fruits and veggies out the kazoo is the best way to guarantee your nutrition intake is up to par 🙂 Especially if you mix it up and try to eat as much of the rainbow as possible!

Along with these important vitamins and minerals there are dozens of other trace minerals, bioactive enzymes and lipids all working together in natural harmony. Algae is bio-available with no isolated nutrients to play guess work with. This is a whole food supplement so you can rest assured you are getting nutrients in the combination and amount that nature intended. Because of the varied nutrient profile this makes assimilation in the body easier as all the helper organisms are present with a variety of possibility for chemical reactions to occur.
Algae is considered to be one of the most balanced and complete nutritional profiles of any food and this makes sense as it is the nutritional foundation of our ecosystem. With the assimilation of these proteins, amino acids, lipids, minerals, vitamins, carbohydrates and other substances all found within algae this makes it the perfect combination for life to emerge. Not only that but algae also produces over 70% of our oxygen in the world! What would we do without algae?!
As if algae could not get any better it is a super safe supplement that only negatively reacts with medicines that are meant to LOWER your immune system, or suppress it! This is because this form of algae has such immune boosting effects it would literally interfere with an immuno suppressant. Algae is also a naturally occurring substance to encourage weight loss as it increases the expression of thermogenin. This increased thermogenesis which allows more protons to leave the fat cell creating heat and energy in the body. Win, win win! Please comment below with your experience, or other products you like as well!
Xoxo, Marisa L. Moonbeamz

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