I Taught a Cat Yoga Class at Crumbs and Whiskers… and it was Awesome

A Cat yoga class??? Goat yoga??? Where are these trends coming from!! Let me tell you, they are coming up, staying up, and bubbling up, because they are simply awesome. At first your like, whats the appeal? Do the cats just walk around as I do yoga? And yes, yes they do. And it is pretty fun and cool 🙂 There is something a little bit special when a cat comes up and licks your face while you are in down dog (ironic I know) or when you get a love nibble (bite) during meditation. I remember looking over at people in class and one had a cat resting politely on her back during childs pose, another had one sleeping on her belly after savanna, and many other laughs and falls broke out as the kitties played with dangling hair and hands.
So here is my adventure and journey from start to finish and I hope that you find it even half as entertaining as it was in person! Go grab your cat if you have one and cuddle up for a fun read!
Saturday: Or should I say Caturday. I got a text from my friend with a screenshot from Crumbs and Whiskers page saying they needed a last minute instructor for their Sunday yoga class at the cafe. SADLY the previous yoga instructor was injured 😥 But I was still happy to serve as a replacement and take on the opportunity. They e-mailed me back right away, I hopped on a quick phone call, then a good vibe and a number of hours later I was walking into the adoptable cat cafe on Melrose and Fairfax here in LA!
I had been wanting to go to this cat cafe for a while but it is always booked up and at a 25$+ donation entrance charge you definitely want to wait for the right friends to be up for the fun! What a novel idea though, cats and coffee? I had heard of cat cafes and monkey cafes in Japan but this is the closest thing to home where animals and cafe style lounging commingle to create a unique and memorably explosive experience.
Sunday morning:
I show up to Crumbs and Whiskers on Sunday morning a few minutes early, thankfully there is no traffic on Sunday mornings in Los Angeles! I see that there is already a line outside the door of people with yoga mats eagerly waiting and looking inside the windows, trying to get their first glimpses of these cute furry feline creatures. I make my way to the front and start to set up my mat and get the music playing for people as they walk in. – So many cats were walking around!
There were various wooden wall installations where cats were perched high and low, cushions, and cat beds galore. Cats of every size, breed, and color were either hanging out sleepily or roaming around sniffing and getting acquainted with all of their new friends.
Before the class started a cat decided to take a squat and pee all over my yoga bag *crying* and I never realized how much cat pee really smells like ammonia and toxic sludge until it was soaked into my precious mat carrying bag! The staff were soooo nice though and helped me clean it up right away! Nothing a quick pop in the laundry machine couldn’t handle anyways. This was the only snag in the entire event and even the pee was actually a funny memory I will treasure.
The class started just as any of my classes do, with a brief meditation followed by stretching and a few rounds of sun salutations (basic I know). During the class cats were roaming around, one gliding by you as you tried to perfect your tree pose. Another deciding to kiss my face during downdog. And many a times I looked around to see people bending down to give their cats a little pet as they were in crescent lunge or pigeon pose. Usually I take my yoga practice pretty seriously, but this day drishti was steadily roaming around trying to find some little cuties to feast my eyes on!
The class was a fun mixture of good music, probably two dozen cats roaming around, a great group of about 14 girls, and the feeling of doing something good and giving back as the cafe donates to local animal shelters. It was pretty much a win, win, WIN for everyone involved!
When I first heard of goat yoga, then cat yoga, I really thought it was a joke and did not understand the big deal! After teaching this kitty yoga first hand I can tell you that it is definitely a thing you should experience and take advantage of if one of these opportunities comes your way. No better way to connect with animals, nature, and your inner wild thing than being surrounded by the creatures, which many poses were named after indeed.
Check out https://crumbsandwhiskers.com/ to book your 70-minute cat hang out in LA and DC!!


Love, Marisa

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